I started my career some forty years ago in the UK as a folk-singer and songwriter. Since then I have been fortunate enough to work as a studio engineer and musician in the UK, Germany, Holland and Norway. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, 5-string bluegrass banjo and keyboards. I write lyrics for bands and artists here in Norway as well as having 5 singles currently being aired on worldwide Christian radio stations via DWMusic, New York.


I love the technical sides of audio, so it probably comes as no surprise that one of the off-shoots became the creation of the presets and impulse responses I now sell from my web shop.


My studio is based around a custom built Mac Pro with 64GB ram, i9 9900K CPU, 2 x 2TB NVMe SSDs and 2 x 4TB SATA drives, with a Logitech wireless MX Keys keyboard and Logitech MX Master 3 mouse and a Phillips 32” screen.


I have a Line Pod Go wired direct to a Harley Benton 2x12 FRFR cab as well as the USB (Logic Pro X) and the Helix Native plugin. I had a Variax 700 series which I recently sold and am now the proud owner of a magnificent Variax JTV-59. I have the Roland A-49 MIDI keyboard and a newly acquired Jammy G MIDI guitar (Insane MIDI controller!)


I run my Yamaha HS5 monitors through my amazing Audient id44. I also have a Fender Jazz bass which runs through a Radial J48 DI.


Last, but by no means least, are my incredible Steven Slate VMS microphones. I have two ML-1´s and four ML-2´s as well as the Slate annual plugins (a steal at $149 per annum) and the VMS microphone sets Blackbird Mics, Classic Tubes, Classic Tubes 3 and the Classic Instruments plugins. An incredibles assortment of amazingly accurate microphone emulations and plugins.


Having worked in studios all my life from the world of analog and through to the present digital era, I have made a lot of great friends in the business. Those friendships have given me the incredible blessing of being able to use their skills, facilities and equipment to create the impulse responses I have on offer today. Some of those IRs profile wonderful original microphones and speaker cabinets, while others are created here in Norway with the Slate Virtual Microphone Systems and any cabinets I can get my hands on!


So there you have it - a little background on the man behind the website :)