Artist Background And Information

I grew up in the seventies era of Folk, Folk-Rock and Pop music. I started to play the guitar at eight years old, picking up the 5-string banjo, electric guitar and bass guitar along the way. My interest in recording lead me to work in studios as a tape-operator, and later still, as assistant sound engineer. Through these years I have been lucky enough to experience the changeover from analogue sound to the advent of the MIDI protocol and on into the present day world of digital music.

I run my own studio from home. It´s a modest affair, but more than good enough for my musical endeavors. Living and working in Norway for some thirty years, I have performed as a singer / songwriter and pub entertainer. 


I am now working on my own Christian songs and ministry. In the not too distant future, my songs will be played worldwide on Christian radio stations via DW Music (New York). More information regarding that will come shortly.

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