Welcome to the Swift Presets & Impulse Responses Website!

The "One-4-All" Presets & IR Packs page displays preset packs (including IRs) as well as IR packages available for guitarists and bassists who own and use Line6 hardware and software products. I offer this page as a simple means of scanning through the products available in my Web Shop.


If you find a pack you like, simply click on any of the shopping carts         and you will be taken to the Store Front where you can purchase one or a collection of, the products on offer. If you have any questions regarding my products or are looking for something special, please send me your requirements via the Contact Form provided and I will do my utmost to put a package together for you.


At present, I am offering 22 Preset packages and 7 Bundles specifically for Line6 guitarists, 2 IR packages for bassists and 4 IR packages (also sold as a Bundle) for all hardware and software supporting the import of Impulse Responses.

Each package also contains instructions regarding the installation of the Preset Lists and Impulse Responses as well any technical information pertinent to the chosen package.


The "One-4-All" Packs can still be treated as IR packages too of course, by simply importing the IRs into the speaker block of your pedalboard. The Single Coil, P90 and PAF sets were created specifically for guitars bearing those types of pickups however, please feel free to chop and change as you find fit - that's the fun of having incredible technology at our finger tips!


All the "One 4 All" packs contain one Setlist each for the Helix Family, Native plugin, HX Stomp and the Pod Go.

Check out the video sound demos                and please download the free demos!